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re:Invent 2020 in Review

No classes scheduled

Join the Homeschool instructors as they look at the latest announcements from AWS re:Invent. This is a free course, with a mix of panel discussions, demos, and early reviews of newly announced services.

We'll be focusing on the container and serverless announcements, including:-

  • Lambda support for container images, increased resource limits, and per millisecond billing.

  • AWS EKS distribution, Serverless Batch scheduling with AWS Fargate, deployment Circuit Breakers for ECS, and AWS Proton.

  • Aurora Serverless v2, Read after Write consistency for S3, and AWS Glue Elastic Views

Kicks off on Friday 11 December with a live Q&A with Yan Cui at 12:30pm PT


No classes scheduled

Live Discussions & Panels

Listen and watch AWS Heroes give their thoughts and opinions on the new announcments. A mix of live panel discussions, and short inteviews with various AWS Heroes focusing on specific announcements.

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Services in practice

Get hands on with some of the new services. We'll do a series of demos of the new services and announcements, showing you how they work whilst giving you an idea of how you can implement them yourself.


The class is open and free to all. It will be progressively updated as more interviews, panels, and demos are added.

There will be a discussion group available on the Homeschool Discord server where you can discuss specific announcements, and ask questions during the live discussions.